uTomate automates almost every task within Unity and then some more. It does the simple things like building players or AssetBundles. Then. it does the more complex ones, like adding a prefab to a dozen scenes. And finally it does the real awesome ones like uploading your finished build to HockeyApp or TestFairy.

Do time-expensive tasks like building lightmaps for two dozen scenes overnight, do multi-platform builds with a single click instead of dozens, import/export library packages without having to check their contents all the time or build a DLL of your project without having to change the tool. uTomate can be extended easily so you can have your very personal workflow.

uTomate - happy automating!

  • Powerful, simple, should integrated officially.

    Asset store reviewer
  • I've been using uTomate for several months, and I can't imagine working without it.

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  • If you need to build releases for multiple platforms, this is your tool.

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Automate Unity

uTomate comes with lots of ready-made, re-usable and fully configurable built-in actions for every day tasks, like buildings players, lightmaps, AssetBundles, DLL, packages, creating/modifying scenes, setting player settings, etc.

No scripting required

Actions can be combined to automation plans with a visual editor. Everything is configurable within the editor so no scripting experience is required. If you're an artist or designer, you can automate your work, too!

Continuous integration

uTomate automations can be run from the command line which makes integrating uTomate into your continous integration process a bliss.

Fully extensible

You want to change something in uTomate? No problem. uTomate comes with full source code, so you'll never be stuck with a DLL that you just can't change. And you can build your own actions , too.

Third party integrations

You can build Visual Studio or XCode projects directly from Unity. Want to upload your finished build to testing services like TestFairy or HockeyApp? There are actions for this as well!

Ready for teamwork

All automation plans can be shared with your whole development team. Configurations can be made per project and per machine, so that every team member can use custom settings while still using the same automation plans as everyone else. And of course you can check automation plans into your version control system.

Works with Unity 3, 4 and 5

No matter which version of Unity you use - uTomate works with Unity 3.5+ up to the latest release version of Unity 5.

Great support

We want you to be happy with our products. Need help with doing something special? Got a great idea for an action that should go into the next release? Want to know if something you have in mind works with uTomate before buying? Our support is there to help you out!